Valasia Isaakidou

Valasia IsaakidouValasia explores animal exploitation at Petras through the analysis of mammalian animal remains. She obtained her zooarchaeological training at UCL (UK), where she gained a BA in Classical Archaeology and a PhD in zooarchaeology) and Sheffield (UK), where she was awareded an MSc in Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy. She has held post-doctoral fellowships in Nottingham (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow) and Sheffield (INSTAP Post-doctoral Fellow), and is currently a Fellow of the National Foundation of Scientific Research at UC Leuven, Belgium. She has taught Aegean prehistory at Nottingham and zooarchaeology at Thessaloniki.

Her analysis of faunal assemblages aims at shedding light on the diachronic role of animals as procurers of food and raw materials but also as symbolic resources for past human societies, in Greece and beyond. For this purpose she works on several assemblages from around mainland Greece and Crete, spanning the earliest Neolithic and the Iron Age. She is particularly interested in understanding traditional farming and animal breeding practices, which she investigates in collaboration with Prof. P. Halstead through interviews of elderly farmers around the Mediterranean. She has been publishing her work in international journals, conference volumes and has co-edited a book on the Neolithic of Crete (for more information and a detailed CV see her page on


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