Yiannis Papadatos

Yiannis PapadatosYiannis Papadatos was born in Patras in 1972. He received his degree on Archaeology and History of Art from the Universiy of Athens, Department of History and Archaeology (1994), and his PhD on Prehistoric Archaeology from the University of Sheffield, Department of Archaeology and Prehistory (1999). He worked as Postodoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield (2001-2002) and as contract archaeologist for the Greek Archaeological Service (2002-2007). He has taught at the Hellenic Open University (2002-2010), and since 2008 he is Lecturer of Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Athens, Department of History and Archaeology. He is directing two research projects, carrying out excavations and field work in East Crete. His main research interests comprise the Early Bronze Age Aegean and Funerary Archaeology of the Prehistoric Aegean.

Υ. Papadatos is studied the Final Neolithic/Early Minoan I settlement on the Petras-Kephala hill.



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