Michael Wedde

Michael WeddeEducated as an archaeologist at the Université de Neuchâtel (MA 1986) 
and the Universität Mannheim (PhD 1992), trained as a field   archaeologist at the Petras (1993-1999) and Ηalasmenos (1993-2000, 2003) excavations. Part of the second wave at Petras, when the site  went palatial with the discovery of the central court in 1992. Seeing  the site on the Swedish Institute at Athens Minoan 'Villas'  symposion  excursion that year (baulks still across the central court but  everything oh so clear!) led to the decision to apply. Prior  experience as a draughtsman at Tiryns (1982, 1983, 1985) came to good  use in trench and site plans. Conducted together with the Director the  stratigraphical trenches that provided glimpses of the palimpsest that  is Petras. The Director also made sure that Modern Greek became the  fourth foreign language. A dissertation at Mannheim on Aegean Bronze  Age ship imagery proved of little use as Petras has produced  tragically few representations of ships. Continued, nevertheless, to  write about ships, not about Minoan pottery. A stint at the Norwegian  Institute at Athens (2000-2002) put an end to fieldwork. Currently  teaching (almost) all things Ancient Greek to American college  students - and enjoying it immensely.



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