Cesare D’Annibale

Cesare D’AnnibaleCesare D’Annibale is a senior material culture researcher with Parks Canada, specializing in Aboriginal material culture of the Great Lakes region.  The research derives from cultural resource management projects arising from National Parks and National Historic sites within Ontario. 

Since 1981 he continues to conduct archaeological surveys in the territories of two ancient Greek colonies, Metaponto and Croton, as member of the University of Texas at Austin’s Institute of Classical Archaeology exploration in southern Italy project.  Aside form the fieldwork he is currently analyzing the prehistoric components from both areas in the contexts of two excavated Eneolithic sites.

He is also a member of Brock University’s Canadian Palaipaphos and Western Cyprus project since 1979 analyzing the chipped stone with particular emphasis on the Chalcolithic period.

Since 1996 he has been involved with research conducted by Metaxia Tsipopolou in eastern Crete.  The research here is focused on Neolithic and Minoan obsidian analysis from several sites including Ayia Photia and Petras.


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