Erik Hallager

M.A.Erik Hallager, Ph.D and dr.phil from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. Since 1972 field director of the Swedish part of the Greek-Swedish Excavations at Khania, Crete. 1973-74 assistant at the Swedish Institute at Athens. 1977-2004 director of the Institute for the Elucidation of the Cultural Heritage of the Mediterranean and chief editor of the periodical SFINX In several periods research fellow at the University of Aarhus. In 2002 appointed Honorary Professor at the Institute for Classical Archaeology, University of Aarhus. 2004-2010 Director of the Danish Institute at Athens. Author and editor of several books and scientific articles on topics concerning Minoan Crete.

E. Hallager has studied and published the Hieroglyphic and Linear A inscriptions from Petras.



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