James D. Muhly

James D. MuhlyJames D. Muhly studied Classics and Ancient History at the University of Minnesota (BA 1958) and then Assyriology and Near Eastern Archaeology at Yale University (PhD 1969). Taught Ancient History and Near Eastern Languages at the University of Minnesota (1964-1967) and then at the University of Pennsylvania (1967-1997). Served as Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (1997-2002) and now live in Palio Faliron, a suburb of Athens. I have held a series of fellowships, from the Fulbright Foundation (to Greece and then to Cyprus), an ACLS Fellowship (to Greece), a Guggenheim Fellowship (to Oxford, England), a NEH Fellowship (to the Albright Institute in Jerusalem, Israel) and was the holder of the Alexander von Humboldt Prize in 1989-1990, associated with the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany. In 1994 I was awarded the Pomerance Science Medal by the Archaeological Institute of America. I was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Cyprus, in October 2009. I have published widely on many aspects of history and archaeology in the Aegean and the Near East, especially in the field of archaeometallurgy. I have been involved in archaeological fieldwork in Israel (with Tel Aviv University) and in Crete (with Philip Betancourt, at Temple University).

Recent publications include “Chrysokamino and the Beginnings of Metal Technology on Crete and in the Aegean,” in Crete Beyond the Palaces, eds. L. P. Day, M. S. Mook and J. D. Muhly, Philadelphia, 2004, 283-289; “Kupfer und Bronze in der spätbronzezeitlichen Ägäis,“ in Das Schiff von Uluburun, ed. Ü. Yalcın, Bochum, 503-513; Joan du Plat Taylor’s Excavations at the Late Bronze Age Mining Settlement at Apliki Karamallos, Cyprus, Part I, eds. B. Kling and J. D. Muhly, Sävedalen 2007; and “The first use of metal on Minoan Crete,” in Metals and Mines: Studies in Archaeometallurgy, eds. S. La Niece, D. Hook and P. Craddock, London (British Museum) 2007, 97-102; “Agia Photia and the Cycladic Element in Early Minoan Metallurgy,” in Aegean Metallurgy in the Bronze Age, ed. I. Tzachili, Athens 2008, 69-74; “Oxhide ingots in the Aegean and in Egypt,” in Oxhide Ingots in the Central Mediterranean, eds. F. Lo Schiavo, J. D. Muhly, R. Maddin and A. Giumlia-Mair, Rome 2009, 17-39.

Prof. Muhly is studying the metal objects of the Petras cemetery.



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