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Symposium organized by the Society of Archeologists of Greece "EOS"

Metaxia Tsipopoulou, Maria Psallida and Garifalia Kostopoulou will present a paper entitled: 

"Petras, Siteia: Conservation, Documentation and Management of Movable and Immovable Finds of a Long-term Excavation"

Friday, March 9th

Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens


11th International Cretological Congress

Petras excavations will be represented by five papers during the 11th International Cretological Congress  (Rethymnon, 21st-27th October 2011):

Ventris Memorial Lecture by Metaxia Tsipopoulou


Dr Metaxia Tsipopoulou will give on 11th May 2011 at 17:00 in the Inistitute of Classical Studies at the University of London the Ventris Memorial Lecture

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