Susan C. Ferrence

Susan C. FerrenceSusan C. Ferrence earned her PhD in 2008 from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Her PhD thesis focused on the elite burial artifacts that were excavated in 2002-2003 from the Early to Middle Minoan secondary burial cave of Hagios Charalambos in Lasithi, Crete, Greece. Additionally, Susan has published over 20 articles on Minoan archaeology. Several pertain to the use of scientific analyses, such as Proton-induced X-ray Emissions (PIXE) and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), to identify the elemental composition of ancient ceramic and metal objects, respectively. She has also co-written an article in a medical journal called Perspectives in Medicine entitled "Therapy with Saffron and the Goddess of Thera" about the medicinal use of saffron at Akrotiri as it is depicted in the Saffron Gatherer frescoes of Xeste 3. Susan is currently the Director of Publications at INSTAP Academic Press, where she manages the publication of excavation reports and other monographs on Aegean Bronze Age art and archaeology. Furthermore, Susan joined the excavation of the cemetery of Petras in 2009. She has been an area supervisor and photographer for two excavation seasons. She is also studying the metal artifacts from the site with Philip Betancourt and James Muhly. 


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