Maria Emanuela Alberti

Maria Emanuela albertiMaria Emanuela Alberti (Ph.D., University of Udine, Italy) works in the field of prehistoric Aegean since many years. Her interests and scholarly  publications cover a wide range of topic, mainly related on ancient economy and connected subjects: household production, textile and purple industry, trade and weighing systems and resources management. She wrote various articles and took part in many international conferences. She co-organized two international colloquia in 2004 (on BA weighing systems) and in 2008 (on BA interconnections) and since 2006 is co-director of an international project on the textile industry and economic organization of Myceanean Thebes. In 2009 she received the Michael Ventris Memorial Award (Institute of Classical Studies, London). She is presently involved in a research on  economy and sustainability among Mediterranean societies in the XII c. BCE. Her field activity includes excavations and study of material  in Crete (Petras, Halasmenos and Malia), Boeotia (Thebes) and Samos (Heraion). As for Petras, she collaborates with Metaxia Tsipopoulou and her team since 2000 and is currently studying the wares in cooking fabric from House I.1 (LM IA) and House II.1 (LM IB).


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