Sector III

In Sector ΙΙΙ, to the west of House I.1, parts of Νeopalatial houses (1600-1450 BC), and other installations were excavated, but the plans are not well preserved. The excavation reached deeper levels and confirmed that this area was occupied continuously from EM IIIB to LM IIIA (2500 BC to 1400 BC). Of special interest was an installation for the production of purple dye (1), dated to the Early Minoan II-III period  (ca 2300-2100 BC). At the south east part of Sector III, a large dump (2) was excavated (ΜΜΙΒ-ΙΙΑ),  measuring ca 15 Χ 3 Χ 2 m., which contained debris, mostly fragmentary pottery of exceptional quality (A),  probably coming from the leveling of the plateau on top of the hill prior to the construction of the palace. The finds suggest that Petras was a very important settlement, with many relations with the rest of Crete, already around 2000-1800 BC. In the same pit was found a seal (B), bearing probably the earliest image of a leader in Crete, a male figure holding a staff.


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