North Magazines

This part of the palace is situated on a level lower by 2 m. than the main body of the palace. It is connected to the central court by a monumental staircase, and to the upper floor by an internal staircase (1). It had at least two storeys, as suggested by the massive pillars, which supported the roof and were made of ashlar blocks. The pillars and the south wall of the corridor, preserved to a height of 1.8 m., were initially covered with red plaster. The magazines belong to the Late Minoan IA reconstruction of the palace. The extensive levelling of this area has destroyed any protopalatial architectural remains. In the magazines 36 large pithoi came to light. On the bedrock floor circular cavities have been carved, to support the pithoi. The North Magazines were destroyed by fire, along with the rest of the palace, in Late Minoan IB.


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