House I.1

This large two storey Νeopalatial (1600-1450 BC) structure, measuring  240 m2 at the ground floor, was abandoned after an earthquake, probably connected with the eruption of the volcano on Santorini during the LMIA phase. At the same location there used to be a Late Palatial building of similar orientation. House I.1 is a good example of a large urban minoan building. The ground floor, as preserved, includes two storage areas (1, 2), a kitchen (3), and an installation for wine production (Room 4, where a stone wine press was found, probably the largest preserved to date Minoan stone vessel (Α), and Room 5, which contained storage jars).

On the upper floor of the building there were living quarters, dining rooms, and verandas. Also a loom was situated above Room 2.

House I.1 has two entrances, tο the East (6) and the West (7), and occupies two terraces of the hill. In the backyard (8) an area for industrial activities, including production of stone vases, was excavated. A paved road (9) started from House I.1 and led probably to the palace.

House1 - Plot   House1 - Plot


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