The excavation at the Prepalatial – Protopalatial cemetery at Petras-Kephala (Hill II) continued from 14/5/2010 until 9/6/2010,  under the direction of Dr M. Tsipopoulou (Director of the National Archive of Monuments, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism), with the participation of Prof. Philip P. Betancourt (Temple University, Philadelphia) and the contribution of the 24th Ephorate of the Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities (Kostas Platanakis-foreman). The excavation was fully financed by INSTAP.



Area Supervisors: Garifalia Kostopoulou (INSTAP-SCEC, member of Petras team) and Dr Susan C. Ferrence (INSTAP Academic Press, Philadelphia)

Trench Supervisors:  Judith L. Papit, Sarah Peterson,  (Temple University, Philadelphia), Sarah Linn (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia), Dr Maria Relaki (Open University in the East Midlands, Nottingham, UK)

Assistants: Jeannine Beckman, Gillian Robbins (Temple University)

Specialized Researchers:

Sevasti Triantaphyllou – Lecturer of Anthropology (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). Study of human bones

Antonia Stamos – (INSTAP-SCEC)

Assistants: Amy Anderson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Jeannine Beckman (Temple University)

Foreperson: Matina Papadaki

Specialized Workers: Mazonakis Petros, Masourakis Manolis, Masourakis Kostas, Rousakis Giannis, Santimpantakis Giorgos,  Stamatakis Nikos, Fiorakis Vaggelis, Chatzakis Valantis, Chatzigeorgiou Manolis, Psarakis Giorgos

Aerial photography:  Chronis Papanikolopoulos (INSTAP-SCEC).

The excavation in 2010 was focused on the site of the Cemetery.  

1.       House Building 1: The excavation of Room 6 was finished. Two new rooms were revealed, the west limit of which lies beneath the LM III rectangular building.

2.       Trench Δ2: North of HT1. New architectural remains, probably related to HT1.

3.       House Tomb 5: The excavation continued in the area of HT5 (inside and around the tomb)

4.         House Tomb 2: Excavation at the east of it, to reveal the limits of the building.  

The excavation produced significant quantities of skeletical material and important moveable finds.


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